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• Resume
• Design Portfolios
• A clear picture of yourself


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Photographer     Videographer      Graphic Designer      Make Up Artist


Responsibility :
• Producing photos.
• Photo editing.

Requirements :
• Familiar with DSLR camera and understand how to do photoshoot indoor & outdoor.
• Ability to shoot video is a plus.
• Good sense of style, lighting, angle, and composition.
• Familiar with photo editing software.
• Expret in photography & Digital Imaging.
• Work well both in team and solo.
• Young, passionate, and talented.


Responsibility :
• Producing videos
• Video editing

Requirements :
• Familiar with DSLR camera, video recorder and understand how to do shoot indoor & outdoor
• Good sense of lighting, angle, and composition
• Familiar with video editing software
• Expert in videography & digital imaging
• Work well both in team and solo
• Young, passionate, and talented.

Graphic Designer     

• Create and produce design for Memoria
• Pro active giving an idea and suggestion about the product to become more innovative

• Committed and responsible
• Excellent communication skills, work well in team and willing to learn
• Able to operate with Correl Draw, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Make Up Artist

Responsibility :
• Make-up and style hair for anyone appearing in front of a camera
• Ready work in wedding event, photographic & videographic sessions .

Requirements :
• Expert in make up, hairdressing and cosmetics,
• Love being creative,
• Enjoy fashion,
• Work well both in team and solo
• Young, passionate, and talented.